Is Your Company Still Using a T1 Line for Data and Voice?

Do you remember the T1 line?  About 16 years ago, this was the cat’s meow for companys that wanted “lighting fast” internet speeds with great stability.  When T1 technology was developed, the standard was a traditional analog signal delivered via copper wires that was able to transmit data at around a rate of 30 kilobits per second.  Although this was acceptable speed for standard voice applications, when the transfer of large amounts of data started to be added to the equation, things changed significantly.   Read More

Desktop PCs? Yes, There are Still Great Value in These.

Having been in the computer hardware industry for over 22 years, I have heard the rumblings about the death of the Desktop PC for probably about 16 of those.  Guess what?  According to Statista®, worldwide sales of Desktop PCs in 2016 are projected to account for 103.6 million out of a total of slightly over 500 million of all total PCs sold.   Read More

Would You Trust Your Landscaper to Perform Your Electrical Work?

It is pretty much understood that computers have become the lifeline of most any organization.  Data entered and collected by computers (and their related networks, accessories and activities) are how most companies provide customer service and keep track of such valuable data as customer activity, invoicing, procurement, inventory, finances and the list goes on and on.  Because of this level of importance, I am continually amazed at how many principals in companies rely on a buddy or cousin who “dabbles in computers” to take care of such an important part of their operation. Read More

Surveillance Systems-Why you should only use Licensed Installers.

Did you know that to install surveillance camera solutions in the State of Texas, an entity MUST be licensed by the State of Texas?  This actually includes not only a principal(s) of the entity but also its installers and even its salespeople.  Some folks may tell you that this “Just another phony regulation from state government” as there is an investment of both time and money for an entity to be granted the proper licenses to install surveillance camera solutions.  Read More