Desktop PCs? Yes, There are Still Great Value in These.

Having been in the computer hardware industry for over 22 years, I Computer And Lcd Monitor - Vector Illustrationhave heard the rumblings about the death of the Desktop PC for probably about 16 of those.  Guess what?  According to Statista®, worldwide sales of Desktop PCs in 2016 are projected to account for 103.6 million out of a total of slightly over 500 million of all total PCs sold.   That still accounts for over 20% and, when you figure in that many of these units sold that account for this 500 million projection are (or will be) purchased by individuals and not businesses, that percentage will almost certainly be higher.

The fact of the matter is, you are hard-pressed (especially for the money) to find a mobile unit that can provide the level of processing speed, graphics and overall flexibility that a Desktop PC can provide.  Need a 27” monitor in order to see things more clearly?  How about 2, 3, 4 or even more displays that will allow you to run and utilize multiple applications at a time?  With a Desktop PC, that is little problem.  If you plan to essentially leave a unit in one place and not need to move it around all the time, it is hard not to see the better overall value in a Desktop PC.

Many companies are still operating with PCs that are 7 + years in age.  With advancements in other technologies (software, internet speed, etc.) along with the gradual deterioration of its components, many these PC units are having a difficult time keeping up.  Now that Microsoft’s® Windows 10® operating system has been out for a bit and is proving to be a stable platform, now may be a good time to  commit to that upgrade.

Now that we have opened up to the possibility of upgrading, one thing that has always annoyed me about purchasing a new PC is the many unnecessary programs that many PC manufacturers insist on loading on them.  Many of these various programs do little more than slow down the performance of the new PC as well as slow down productivity by constantly have to close out of these little buggers.  In Phase can see to it that you get Custom Desktop PCs that are built to either your (or our recommended) specifications that will utilize only the programs that you need and be free of unnecessary add-ons.  These Desktops PCs are custom built and configured to order by Microsoft and Intel-Certified technicians and are warranted locally here in Houston for better quality back-end service and support.

We can even see to it than the data from your company’s old computer is transferred over to your new unit.  Onsite installations are also available.  Just contact us and let us know—We will be happy to assist you!

Oct. 31, 2016