Is Your Company Still Using a T1 Line for Data and Voice?

Do you remember the T1 line?  About 16 years ago, this was the cat’s meow for companys that wanted “lighting fast” internet speeds with great stability.  When T1 technology was developed, the standard was a traditional analog signal delivered via copper wires that was able to transmit data at around a rate of 30 kilobits per second.  Although this was acceptable speed for standard voice applications, when the transfer of large amounts of data started to be added to the equation, things changed significantly.  As a result, data transfers could take many hours to be carried out.  (A comparison could be made (albeit a bit of an exaggeration) to a snake digesting its large prey.)

Then, a revelation, the introduction of the T1 line!  With the T1 line, data was transferred via fiber optic lines that could reach speeds of 1.5 megabits per second with great stability.  The cost was rather expensive (typically around $1000 per month per line) but for operations that required a stable means of transferring data, it could be a worthwile investment.

Fast forward to 2016 and a data transfer rate of 1.5 megabits per second is practically a snail’s pace.  The stability factor continues to be very strong.  The speed?  Not so much.  The thing is, is that it is possible that your company is still paying anywhere between $300 – $600 per month per line for T1 technology.  If their clients do not make any inquiries as to new offers and technologies, many voice/data carriers will continiue to auto renew accounts at these high prices for as long as they feel that they can get away with it.  I highly encourage you to look at your company’s statements from these carriers and see exactly what service(s) it is receiving and the amount of money it is being charged for it.

If you are still paying for T1 technology, we can help you.  Comcast can offer speeds (either via coaxial or fiber technology) that exceed T1 technology by as much as 25 to 50 to 100+ times and, depending on the type of service, at a fraction of the cost. Comcast can also offer packages that include TV and hosted voice solutions that can provide your company with even greater value.

In Phase is a Comcast Authorized Connector meaning that we can see to it that your company  has a dedicated professional account representative that will custom fit the right package in which to meet your company’s needs.  We also work hand in hand with Comcast to take care of any cabling or networking needs that may be required to implement their solutions therefore making the process as seemless for you as possible.  Contact us today and we will get the process started for you.