Networking Design & Implementation

Data.Let us design the right balance of server, cloud, desktop, laptop and mobile applications to allow your operation to serve its valued clients the most efficiently and effectively as possible while, at the same time, making every effort to work within its budgetary requirements.  Aspects include:

  • Configure, Deploy and Setup Proper User Policies for Servers – Not all users should have access to all of the same functionalities.  We will work directly with you to assign the proper functionalities with the proper users.  Also, we can assist in determining which type of server solution(s) will meet your operation’s needs and budgetary concerns—Premise-based, Cloud-based or a Hybrid of the two.
  • Configure Deploy and Setup Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Units for Users – Whichever of these units that is required by your operation’s respective users, we can configure them to communicate with your operation’s server solution.
  • Keep Vital Company Data Secure from Cyber Attacks, Catastrophic Events and Employee Turnover – All of these events can cause serious breaches within your I.T. Infrastructure which can cause not only your operation’s data but the data of its valued clients to be compromised or lost.  We will work with your operation in designing a backup solution that is a secure, dependable and reliable as possible.  (Proper planning is crucial to the part of the equation.)