Traditional & VOIP Telephone Systems

Office Phone And Mobile PhoneWhatever type of new phone system solution that your operations needs or wants – traditional analog or V.O.I.P. – chances are that we have the means in which to carry it out.    There are two main types of Phone System Solutions:

  • Traditional – (Also, commonly known as “Analog” or “Landline-based”.) Traditional phone systems utilize older technologies such as Cat 3 cabling and “punch block” style analog lines. Although this solution is not utilized as often as it once was, it can still be a viable option if your company is looking for a highly reliable and consistent quality of service and has a relatively small number of users making primarily local phone calls.
  • Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol – (Commonly referred to as “V.O.I.P”.) O.I.P.-based phone systems are Internet Broadband driven and provide almost unlimited functionality.  For example—Does you operation have another office in another city or state?  No problem—simply enter a 3-digit extension # and, voila, instant communication with an individual from that office.   Whatever functionalities that your operation may require, it is very likely that we and our designated partners can make it a reality.   Teleconferencing can also be set up through this protocol.