Surveillance Systems-Why you should only use Licensed Installers.

Surveillance Camera In The Night-timeDid you know that to install surveillance camera solutions in the State of Texas, an entity MUST be licensed by the State of Texas?  This actually includes not only a principal(s) of the entity but also its installers and even its salespeople.  Some folks may tell you that this “Just another phony regulation from state government” as there is an investment of both time and money for an entity to be granted the proper licenses to install surveillance camera solutions.  When you think about things further, however, having the proper licensing makes complete sense.

Would you trust just anybody with the keys to your house or car?  How about the combination to your safe deposit box or the code to you alarm system?  Essentially, that is what you are possibly doing if you let just anyone install surveillance camera solutions in your business, school, home, etc. and there is not much real accountability on the part of that installer.  Insidious installers can grant themselves access to your video server and storage without your knowledge which could allow to them to create diversions in what and when surveillance video is recorded.  They can also secretly install and monitor cameras without your knowledge in areas of your property that you would like to remain private such as bedrooms, restrooms, locker rooms, etc.  (With today’s technology, there are cameras that can be installed in such a way that can be very difficult to detect.)

All entities that are licensed by the State of Texas must adhere to (and pass) strict personal background checks of its related representatives whom are also finger printed and kept in a special database for continued monitoring should something arise with a particular representative after the fact.  This creates a significantly higher level of accountability and can provide you with a much greater peace of mind.

This piece is not intended in any way to discourage you from looking into surveillance camera solutions.   Surveillance camera solutions are extremely encouraged as the list of their benefits seems almost endless.  These benefits include:  Having a record of who is entering and leaving your property, Monitoring loved ones and pets to ensure their safety, Keeping tabs on employees/staff members/students, Providing video evidence to either concur or dispel a motion in liability cases or even as a proactive means of discouraging a potential criminal act to occur to begin with.

I am proud to state that all entities that In Phase represents are licensed by the State of Texas to develop and install surveillance camera solutions. This will grant you much greater peace of mind in carrying out this very valuable task.   Feel free to contact us today for your complimentary evaluation.

Oct. 17, 2016